to the Discothek-Club Killer, a Final Fantasy 14 RP-Club, hosted by the FC "Knights of Winter"
located on the Light DC on Lich in the Mist, Ward 18 Plot 45 every Friday at 7 PM ST (21:00 CET)

    The Club

    Killer is an rp-inspired Club in Final Fantasy 14 on the Light Data-Server on Lich hosted by the FC "KoW".
    Under the Leadership of Kami Shifuji as Club-Leader, the complete FC is working together to run this Club.
    The Club is located in the Mists at Ward 18 House 45.
    Enjoy the Night-Life from Final Fantasy, meet new People, get some Drinks and listen to the hard Music of Hardstyle, Trance, Dubstep, Reverse Bass and more raw Bass-Music.

    Club Owner / DJ

    Healer in the fight, DJ in the night.
    Winter supports the club with banging beats and works together with Yumi in the management.
    She proudly leads the "Knights of Winter" and calls them her "bunch of lovely weirdos".

    Booking management

    Do you have questions about booking? Are you unsure about our prices? Well, Yumi knows the answer to all of your questions. This bunny loves playing with numbers and calculations, so you can be sure she is a professional at her job.


    This rather quiet scaly lad is always wearing a mask... nobody knows why, it seems like it's just her thing.
    Here's a well-intentioned advice : try to not mess with Shio, this lad doesn't work as Security for no reason.

    Kimahri is a big boy with a sense of humor. His name is very known in the underground of Limsa. He is very loyal to the right people but just dont ask him about his past.


    Sakura, a small cute Au Ra, with a hair color after her own name. She once fought for the world's salvation. She's been through a lot and knows how to show determination when needed. She loves to work and party at events, but due to some accidents she's had to reduce her combat strain. She enjoys her jobs at Endless Night and the many bars and places she works at.

    On his leave from studying black magic, Mort has taken to the nightlife of Eorzea well and decided to expand his horizons into the world of bartending. This Hrothgar may look intimidating but all he wants is for you to enjoy your night… whatever that may entail.


    Malphas can be just as sweet and addictive as chocolate, teasing enough to make sure you come back for another bite. This Raen mongrel got picked up as a toddler by a festive band of Namazu and now lives to entertain people. If you feel cold and lonely, let this man sweep you up and melt your worries away.

    Don't let her shy, calm and collected demeanour fool you. This ash-browned Miqo is feisty, daring with a sharp tongue to match, but above all: dangerous! The sun-kissed, ocean-eyed Insubordinate Brat hails from the deepest parts of the Gridanian forests. Her sly and cunning ways can melt even the most Dominating of sorts! But should you claim her into submission her melodic tones of bliss would soothe any savage beast. Do you dare to take on this Seeker named Arysta?

    This charming and well-trained giant found his way from the steppe directly to us. Dante loves to captivate with his charm. Which is not too difficult for him, thanks to his muscles and tanned skin. Convince yourself of his intense nature.

    Selen is 25 years old. She loves to dance, flirt and laugh. The miqo'te lost her parents when she was 13 years old. But she never had to struggle cause her parents left her a whole lot of money. So she does this job for fun not for the money. Selen is a switch that really enjoyes both sides of it. She knows how to play with males and females well, so she prefers no gender.

    "Rules are for people too weak to break them". This simple truth had kept Leiko alive in a city full of pirates, thieves, and those with even less morals. Trusting no one but himself, his past was littered with the broken bones and broken hearts of those who got in his way or got too attached to the Seeker. Patrons beware: Should he find you unworthy, he'll punish you,to his enjoyment.

    Charissa is a cute, a little shy but quite cheerful miqo who grew up on the steppe. She took herself to a place where she could dance freely and have fun. when she realized how fascinating is dancing while she was looking for a hobby to cope with life's challenges. If you are looking for a partner to cheer up your night, don't think about it and give her a try.

    Violence was the order of the day in Midori's family. Every day he was beaten up by his father, while his alcoholic mother just watched. Because of this, he was sent to an orphanage, where the situation did not really improve. He was passed from family to family, but people kept bringing him back. The older he got, the worse it got. Hanging out with his friends, smoking and stealing was all he had. Basically he is a nice guy with a big mouth.

    Black skin like ebony and eyes in piercing gold. The claws as sharp and long and the eyes as bold as one could only expect from a predator.If you think photography is the only hobby of this black pearl from the dark forest then you are wrong. Sennah loves to play... To tease... And unleash the beast within her. But do not be deceived, frugality is not one of her virtues. And as much as Sennah enjoys leading, she can also love to be led.

    Saxy is a man standing at 5’5’’ with a slightly strong build that has a toned muscles and nice curves as well. He is a literal ball of seductive force, doing his work with passion and giving it his all the entire time, he is up on stage. He is a very naughty guy who would never back up from showing his body to others if they paid him for it indeed. He is the best in the business all with his sexy moves and ways of seducing women who come over at the club.

    Tera is a newcomer on the block, originating from Ishgard but eventually making her way to the streets of Limsa. This ginger Au Ra loves to chat and get to know people. She loves personal time to get to know people on a more intimate level. She is very passionate and loves to share that passion with others whenever she has a willing ear.

    A curious and playful little kitten originally from the area of Limsa. At first sight Amaya may come across as very tame, but will cunningly seduce you with her dance and her smile. You may think you know what you want from her, but at the end you'll realise she knew all along what you truly wanted.


    The one and only Rainbow King. His royality reaches Generations back, Hans-Gustav Fishie the 2nd is now owned by the FC "KoW". He got caught on a warm summer-day in the depths of the ocean by Aly a long-time good friend of the FC.


    Hostess Service

    U are alone in the club, and dont know what do do? Book one of our Dancers for a Hostess Service!
    They will accompany you through your night, dance with you and make ur night a pleasent and sweet one.

    50k Gil per 30 Min
    No ERP included, Minimum Booking-Time 60 minutes

    Private Dancing

    For a more private-session, you and the dancer of your choice, can use one of our private rooms for a more atmospheric entertainment. Our dancers will dance only for you, showing their dancing-skills in their full splendor.

    75k Gil per 30 Min
    RP-Dancing, no ERP included, +25k per 30 min for every extra customer.
    Minimum Booking-Time 30 minutes.
    3 persons max. per dancer, if more than 3 customers you need to book another dancer

    Private Entertainment

    For the ultimate experience of our dancers, take them with you in a private room and let them seduce you with all they got. Our dancers will make your night an unforgetable experience.

    150k Gil per 30 Min
    ERP-Session, allowed, what the dancer is ok with, +75k for every extra customer.
    Minimum Booking-Time 60 minutes.
    3 persons max. per dancer, if more than 3 customers you need to book another dancer

    For booking, please approach Yumi Amaya or one the dancers themselves with the green LFG-Symbol

    The Rooms

    The Geisha-Room

    The Flower room

    The blue mysterious

    The boss´s private chambers

    the citadelle

    THe vip room

    Purr-omatherapy Room